Teaching and Learning

UM5 offers 280 diverse programs in all major disciplines and at all levels from the DUT to the doctorate; 50% of programs are job- oriented.

Track break down is as follows: 18 DUT tracks, 34 Basic Bachelor’s tracks(LEF) tracks, 45 Vocational Bachelor’s tracks (LP), 15 Teacher Education tracks (FUE), 138 Master’s, Specialized Master’s and Engineering tracks, and 3 Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry tracks. At the doctoral level, 40 programs are offered by 9 Centers for Doctoral Studies.

UM5 produces close to 10 000 graduates per year in 85 different fields.

Mohammed V University in Numbers        

Teaching and Learning :

  • 2428 Faculty members;
  • 1643 Administrative and technical staff members ;

                 For a total student enrollment of 63554 and average ratios of (2013-2014):

           -Teacher to student ratio= 1/26        1/4 (ENS) & 1/131 (FSJES-SJ)

           -Administrative staff to student ratio = 1/39

  • Expected enrollment for 2014-2015: 65000 students.

Academic programs offered :

  • 34 Basic Bachelor’s (LEF) and 45 Vocational Bachelor’s  (LP) programs;
  • 12 Teacher Education programs (FUE) ;
  • 74 Master’s and 50 Specialized Master’s programs;
  • 18 University Technology Diplomas (DUT);
  • 14 Engineering  progrmas (DI);
  • 33 Doctorates (1 in Medicine, 1 in Pharmacy and 1 in Dentistry)


At around 100 million MAD to cover operational and investment costs, the annual government subsidy allocated to each of UM5A and UM5S is line with the national average. However, this subsidy, in particular the share for investment, is lower than it was during the period of the Emergency Plan (2009-2012) which has reduced the number of projects.



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