Strategic approach : aiming high

By following global trends and merging, UM5A and UM5S stand to gain a lot, besides size. From our perspective the aim of the merger should be to bring together skills, resources, knowledge, and experience to create a university that stands out, makes a difference and contributes to regional and national development.

Our merger strategy addresses the challenges and goals identified by a situational analysis of UM5A and UM5S. It also accounts for international merger experiences, in particular that of European universities which are increasingly joining the merger trend.

The strategic planning process is always an exciting time for a university. It is an opportunity for reflection that engages the entire university community and leads to a better understanding of the institution and of one another. The keywords of this adventurous and challenging experiences hould be dialogue, consultation, and respect of legal procedures. After validation by the University Council, this plan will serve as our roadmap for the next four years. All University constituents without exception will contribute to its implementation.

Our plan, which builds upon achievements and vows to complete ongoing projects, covers all major university functions- governance, teaching and learning and research. It is driven by three central themes: UNITY, TRANS-INSTITUTIONAL COLLABORATION and OUTREACH ACTIVITIES that connect the university to its regional, national and international environments. It makes it clear that the university has GLOBAL ambitions.



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