Research Output

Ressearch output in the arts, humanities and social sciences, is often of quality but small and poorly showcased. We will work toward increasing publications and their reach which is currently mainly regional or national. All is not bleak though as the FLSH is the country’s largest book publisher.

To boost UM5 visibility and help its ranking, all UM5 publications (articles, books, journals etc.) are now required to contain the statement: « Mohammed VUniveristy-Rabat ».

UM5 plans to publish its own indexed journals, in particular in the arts, humanities, social sciences, health sciences and technology. The Scientific Institute is at the forefront and already publishes a SCOPUS-indexed bulletin. The FLSH is working toward raising the quality of its HESPERIS journal in order for it to be indexed.

UM5 also plans to launch its own UM5 e-journal.



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