Constituent Institutions

Current situation: what assets for an influential university ?

Facts and figures

The merger of UM5A and UM5S will create a large university comprising 19 institutions, the most of any Moroccan university:

-    5 open admission institutions :

  • 3 Faculties of Law, Economics and Social Sciences (FSJES): Agdal, Souissi and Salé
  • 1 Faculty of Science (FS)
  • 1 Faculty of Letters and Humanities (FLSH)

-   14 selective admission institutions :

  •  2 Engineering schools :

o   Mohammedia School of Engineering (EMI)

o   School of Computer Science and System Analysis (ENSIAS)

  • 1 Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • 1 Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • 3 Specialized Schools :

o   School of Technology (EST)

o   Teacher Training School (ENS)

o   School of Technical Education (ENSET)

  • 1 Faculty of Education (FSE)
  • 5 Research institutes :

o   Institute for Study and Research on Arabization (IERA)

o   University Research Institute (IURS)

o   Scientific Institute (IS)

o   Institute for African Studies (IEA)

o   Institute for Hispanic and Lusophone Studies (IEHL)

  • 1 Annex in Abu Dhabi


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