Partenariat bilatéral entre l'UM5 et l'Université de Hiroshima

Conclusion d'un accord de partenariat bilatéral entre l'Université Mohammed V de Rabat et l'Université de Hiroshima au Japon pour la mise en place de programmes d'échange d'étudiants et de professeurs autour de projets stratégiques dans les domaines des matériaux et celui de la Médecine (orthopédie et Cancer). Discussion sur les possibilités d'envoyer des professeurs japonais au Maroc pour renforcer l'apprentissage de la langue et culture japonaise au profit des étudiants marocains.

La délégation marocaine a rencontré en plus du Président de l'Université de Hiroshima, les doyens des Facultés de sciences, de Sciences des matériaux, de l'ingénierie et de droit.

  • Allocution du Président de l'UM5 à l'occasion de la signature de la convention avec le Président de l'Université de Hiroshima.

" Dear Mr. President of Hiroshima University,

First, on behalf of the Moroccan delegation, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your gracious invitation, warm welcome and tremendous hospitality. It is a great pleasure and honor for us to be here today at the distinguished University of Hiroshima and in the City of Peace as Hiroshima is known.
Mr. President I must add that I am in fact deeply moved to be standing here before you in the brave and noble city of Hiroshima. You epitomize the resilience of the human spirit. You are living proof that forgiveness and peace between nations are not only possible but the only way forward. You are a shining example of the greatness that can be achieved by promoting friendship and cooperation. We have high hopes our visit today will strengthen friendship and cooperation between our two countries in general and between our two universities in particular.
Mr. President, our presence here reflects our genuine determination to establish mutually beneficial and long-lasting academic ties with your prestigious institution. This morning we will take the first concrete step by signing a MoU.
Now please let me take this moment to me extend an invitation to you to visit Mohammed V University and Morocco. We would be most delighted to shower our famed Moroccan hospitality upon you.
Mr. President, I would also like to pay tribute to the esteemed dean of the School of Law and to Prof Chourak whose resolve and hard work have made our visit possible.
This year, our university, Mohammed V University in Rabat, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We are not only Morocco’s oldest modern university but also its leading university. Since our founding we have maintained a tradition of excellence in teaching and in research. We are not only the birthplace of higher education and scientific research in Morocco but also its leading center.
Our University’s motto is: Mohammed V University- a global university.
Internationalization is at the core of our vision and objectives. Our strategy is focused on diversifying our partnerships. Mohammed V University hosts about 4000 international students, mainly from Sub-saharan Africa which represents one fifth of all international students in Morocco. Establishing strong South-South ties that benefit Africa’s development is a key component of our king’s diplomatic strategy and we are committed to doing our share by enhancing and deepening academic ties with African institutions of higher learning and research. That said, we are equally committed to developing strong ties with Asian countries such as China, South Korea and of course Japan. And in fact I believe we can play an interesting anchor role in developing academic cooperation between Japan and Africa.
It goes without saying that your university’s expertise and reputation will bring us great added value. And I am sure our students and faculty will have many opportunities to collaborate on important projects of common interest.
Once again, let me thank you Mr. President for this heartfelt welcome and long live cooperation between our two universities."

Jeudi 02 février 2017 au Japon.





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